SUPER DAPPS is a global directory of blockchain decentralized applications DApps. Presenting DApps in a safe, simple and easily navigable format will assist with mass market adoption.

MOM APPROVED! – 9 out of 10 mothers prefer SUPER DAPPS to other confusing directories.

How can DApps be sorted?

We suggested first selecting the BLOCKCHAIN PROTOCOL, (such as NEO), then selecting a CATEGORY, (such as Games).
Categories can be sorted even further using the Sub-Categories. For Example, GAMES – collectible.

Once you have selected your area of DApp interest, you can further sort by the Directory Fields such as number of Users in the past 24 hours.

In addition, you can use the SEARCH feature to look up a DApp by name.

What are DApp Users?

DApp Users is the number of unique wallet addresses that transacted with a DApp’s contact(s) within a specific timeframe. We obtain this data by analyzing the blockchain data and displaying it for: 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. In addition, the red/green arrows show the trend within that timeframe.

What is Blockchain Data?

We currently collect the following data from the blockchain:
TX (24H) – This is the number of transactions on the DApp’s native blockchain in the last 24 hours
Volume (7D) – This is the volume in coins/tokens on the DApp’s native blockchain during the past 7 days.

NOTE – as the ecosystem evolves with ‘side-chains’ this data will become less reliable. We plan to adapt 😊

What is the Social Media Trending Score?

This measures the DApp’s popularity & relevance within social media based on our Algorithm. We take the following into consideration: Twitter Followers, Reddit Subscribers, Telegram Members & Discord Members.

What is Website Metrics Score?

This measure the DApps’s website traffic and influence based on our Algorithm.

What is the SUPER DAPPS SCORE and how is it determined?

The SUPER DAPPS SCORE is a number we use to rank the DApps. It is an algorithm (ranking logic) that takes into consideration: DApp Users, Blockchain Data, Social Media, Website Metrics & User’s Ratings. Each component is giving a ‘weight’ (level of importance) within our Algorithm.

SUPER DAPPS SCORING ALGORITHM – Currently, it is very difficult to develop an accurate and reliable Algorithm. The nascent blockchain ecosystem is evolving daily. This is Version 0.8 of our simplistic Algorithm. It will continue to evolve as the ecosystem matures.  We plan to incorporate as many ‘decentralized’ and reliable parameters as possible to support industry adoption.

Help us to improve our algorithm! Your feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions are greatly appreciated – Become a Super Hero!
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How do I Submit a DApp?

Submitting a DApp is FREE. Just go to “Submit a DApp” and follow the simple 3 step process.

New DApp submissions are verified by our editors and approved within 72 hours.