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We welcome you to Chibera, a land that is still recovering from being torn apart and mutated by an explosion that was caused by a mana experiment centuries ago. Because of this accident, a tree was mutated into what is now called the world tree, along with the mutation of humans, elves, dwarves, and animals which lead to the rise of multiple new intelligent bipedal species.

Some races are now fully dependent on the mana for technological, economic, cultural reasons and some even need to consume it just to survive. This has caused a rift between some of the factions and a fight for control over as much of the resource as possible. The only mana sources now in the world are hard mana crystal deposits and the power that the world tree provides which is the only replenishing resource. This has lead to factions fighting for the resource for their own selfish reasons.

Chibera hopes to add a new portal of interaction for Steem. Which we hope will allow the creation of a bridge between a market that has millions to spend but nothing to really spend it on other than cashing out. With features like sharing clips of your gameplay and cool screenshot directly to the Steem blockchain – this will bring new users who are yet to be touched by the mysterious world of blockchain technologies.

What is Chibera?

Chibera will be the first real MMORPG directly connected to the blockchain. And you’ve guessed it – it’s the Steem blockchain. Features a crypto connected auction house, customizable player and guild housing. High fidelity graphics for up to 8K monitors!

All of that and more is coming to you from us. But today we’d like to show you guys that we’re working hard on bringing you our vision of a fantasy world that is interconnected with the real world through the blockchain.

Current goals

We plan to hopefully gain more community support. Which will help supply a game that will allow users to turn what was once a passion into a real living using our auction house system to sell items, usernames and a large number of items. See down below for more information on supporting Chibera.

We plan to make Chibera cross-platform XBOX, PlayStation, PC, MAC, LINUX, MOBILE are a few of the platforms were currently looking to launch beta on.

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