Ethereum Education: Proficient User

Do you love Ethereum and the tech behind it?
Well, you know what you are doing! To help you, we are going to share some amazing resources.

DApps for Proficient Users

We already covered DApp in the “Moderate User” section. However, that was limited and we didn’t cover its technicalities. If you are interested, you can check out the links below and expand your understanding.


DApp User Guide Rabbit-hole guide:
Introduction to DApps (technical):

Building DApps

Building a decentralized conference ticket purchasing web app by Siraj Raval:
How to code a decentralized application or DApps:

Informational Articles

6 principles for designing blockchain apps for non-technical apps:

Smart Contracts

Any proficient user like you would want to play with some DApps or even smart contracts. But, what exactly is a smart contract? Smart contracts are computer code that helps automate the network without the need for a middleman. Smart contracts also work by keeping blockchain features intact, i.e., transparent. We won’t be sharing an in-depth guide on smart contract, but we love sharing links to amazing online information!

Smart contracts beginner’s guide:
How Do Ethereum Smart Contracts Work?

Smart Contract Programming Languages:

If you are ambitious and want to dive deep into smart contract coding and development, here are some links for you to check out:

Ethereum Smart Contact With Solidity:
Understanding Ethereum Blockchain Protocol by Vitalik Buterin:
How is Ethereum Structured by Kevin Haley:
Ethereum Virtual Machine(EVM) by Berkeley:


If you are deep into Ethereum or any blockchain related project, you will find “GitHub” term mentioned in a lot of places. That’s why we will be covering some basics of GitHub and share some useful information. Before we start sharing links, let’s understand more about GitHub.

GitHub is a version control system for projects and is mainly used for hosting computer code. It supports source code management (SCM) and distributed version control. It recently got acquired by Microsoft.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that you can download code and then examine it. Some projects are also hosted on GitHub and need to be download and installed through GitHub. GitHub can also be shared for sharing structure information which can be managed by one or more people.
The good news is that there are plenty of amazing GitHub guides. Let’s list them below.

Official Site Link:
What is GitHub and its purpose?
Video explanation:


GitHub Basic Tutorial Article:
GitHub Basic Tutorial Video:

GitHub Advanced Tutorial Article:
GitHub Advanced Tutorial Video:


Role of Blockchain in Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition:
Tracking GitHub for Crypto Projects Activity by Valentin Mihov:

Interesting Blockchain Projects on GitHub

IBM Blockchain:
A simple blockchain in Python:
Blockchain demo:

Interesting Blockchain-Related Information Articles on Github

Awesome Blockchain:
Awesome Blockchain Link 2:

Ethereum Blockchain Scaling Solutions

Ethereum, just like other blockchain technologies, wants to reach as many people as possible. To do this, it needs to do more transactions per second. However, it only supports 15 transactions per second which is low compared to the current standards. In comparison, Visa can process 45,000 transactions per second. This limitation can seriously undermine the capabilities of Ethereum and stop it from becoming the leader in blockchain technologies. However, the Ethereum scaling issues can be solved thanks to various methods such as Sharding and Off-Chain transactions.


How to Scale Ethereum using sharding :
What are Ethereum nodes and sharding?:
Making solution of Layer 2 Scaling Solutions:

Now, let’s discuss two famous Ethereum network scaling solution: Sidechains and Plasma.


Sidechains a mechanism that allows digital assets such as tokens and cryptocurrency to be used in another blockchain. Fascinating, isn’t? This can be extremely useful as it will enable the whole ecosystem to grow and not be limited to just one blockchain. Loom is a perfect example of sidechain implementation. Read more about it here:

What are Sidechains?:
Video explanation of Sidechains:
Sidechains applications:
Scaling Ethereum DApps Through Sidechains:———1
11 Sidechain projects by Vasa:


Plasma brings low interactivity with the main Ethereum blockchain by creating child-chains. These child-chains can further be split into more child-chains, improving the scalability to new levels. These child-chains then operate at a low-level and only interact to the main Ethereum blockchain when needed. This scales the blockchain to new heights.

Plasma in 10 minutes by Anthony Akenteiv:
Ethereum Plasma Explained for Beginners:
Construction of a Plasma Chain 0x1 by David Knott:
Loom and Plasma:

Learning More About Ethereum Network

The Ethereum network is full of surprises. There are so much to learn. Also, the more you learn, the better you will become in utilizing it to its full potential. So, why the wait? Let’s list some amazing links!

The State of the Ethereum Network:

Books that we recommend reading. In the era of internet, books still hold their value when it comes to gaining knowledge. That’s why we recommend reading Ethereum books listed below.


Definite Guide in Ethereum Investing by Artemis Caro:
Ethereum in 1 Day by Adam Gildstein:


Ultimate guide to Ethereum by Ikuya Takashima:
Ethereum and Solidity by Chris Dannen:
Complete Guide to Understand Ethereum by Mark Gates:

Digital Asset Marketplaces:

Sites worth visiting:


Here you can buy crypto assets such as CryptoKiites, on Ethereum blockchain.


Rarebits –
A platform where you can sell, buy and discover crypto assets. It also has zero fees.

logi3 – is a simple digital asset marketplace.

Check out all the digital assets in Ethereum blockchain:

Guides: How to store digital assets on Ethereum blockchain:

Additional Educational Guides by Category
6 main categories: Business, Education, Gambling, GAMES, Lifestyle,

Ethereum’s impact on our economy and growth is undeniable. To understand its impact we will categorize the guide into six main categories as below.
1. Business
2. Education
3. Gambling
4. Games
5. LifeStyle
6. Technology


Ethereum is a great place when it comes to games. Yes, you read it right. Games can also benefit from blockchain. Right now, many games projects are thriving on the Ethereum blockchain. As an Ethereum enthusiast, it always helps to know more about the games and its related resources.

Read, how blockchain can be used to power online gaming:———1

Gamers News Sources:


Building Games on Ethereum:
Top Ethereum Games:
Marketplace for exchanging and collecting in-game items:


FOMO3D, an amazing game that replicates ICO exist scams. It offers a $10 million jackpot. Check the site by following the link:
Zethr: A decentralized gaming and casino platform that is developed without an expensive ICO behind it. Check out their official site here:

Changing World With Video Games and Blockchain:


Businesses are already taking advantage of ethereum blockchain. To keep yourself updated, you need to follow a wide array of the news source to educational material. Below, we will list some amazing educational topics that you can follow and discover the impact of Ethereum on business yourself.

Business news source:

Ethereum dApp Development:

Top Ethereum dApp companies in America:
Strategies for dApp Development companies:
Monetizing your Ethereum dApps:
How to hire Ethereum developers for building decentralized apps:


dApps Builder for Business: (not live yet)


How businesses can benefit from Ethereum technologies by Kenneth Evans:
Business in the age of Ethereum by Deep Patel:


The educational sector is evolving at a breathtaking pace. The blockchain is also playing its role in its rapid growth. With blockchain, it will become easier for schools to manage students. Distance learning will become more automated and impactful than the current implementation. The online education sector will also change how it works as it will give content creators a way to monetize their content and reach a global audience without the need of any third party.


Blockchain in education:
Blockchain organizing the education sector:

Ethereum Startups in education

EdgeCoin: A decentralized e-learning and education token on Ethereum blockchain.
Odem: Unlocking human potential with blockchain:
BitDegree: High-quality courses on Ethereum blockchain:
Consensys: Harnessing the power of Ethereum to build educational products:


Gambling is a huge industry that is affected by a lot of issues including cheat, fraud, and trustability. With Ethereum blockchain, everything will change on how gambling is managed. It will automatically get benefited with the blockchain features such as immutability, transparency, and security. Many gambling platforms are already up and running as it constitutes a good portion of Ethereum blockchain transactions.

Gambling Ethereum sites

Top Ethereum(Ether) Gambling sites 2018:
Another source of gambling sites running on Ethereum:

Interesting Reads

How the blockchain is transforming online gambling:
How blockchain technology is taking the gambling industry to a new level:
Using blockchain to solve problems of online gambling platforms:
Decentralized Gambling on Ethereum:
Blockchain and smart contracts for online gambling:


Technology has always been changing our lifestyle. It started with the internet, and now we are into another big change thanks to blockchain technologies such as Ethereum. Lifestyle is all about how we spend out daily life. The things that constitute a person’s lifestyle include what he buys listens too or follows. There are other aspects as well including what they read, eat and make decisions based on their surrounding.

For example, we can use Ethereum as a currency to travel across the world. ETH travel( and other promising platforms that provide the means to do it. Another great platform that is currently in works is Triffic( which will reward you in Ethereum for using their gamified GPS, interesting, isn’t?

There are many Ethereum use-cases that impact lifestyle. Let’s list few of them below.
Payment Gateway:

And so on.

Interesting reads

What will be the impact of Ethereum?
How blockchain will fundamentally change our lives in the future by Kashish Arora and Amit Kapoor:
10 ways blockchain will change our lifes:


The biggest beneficiary of the ethereum blockchain is technology. Ethereum has changed how technology works and it has touched almost every aspect of it. For example, identification, transactions, governance, networking, etc. have evolved thanks to Ethereum. The biggest beneficiary include small to medium scale business who are automating their workplace and making them more competitive and efficient. Big companies such as IBM, Dell, Microsoft, etc. are not far behind and have a dedicated blockchain team to handle expansion using the technology. So, what does it mean for you? For you it means the opportunity to learn and expand.


This is the reason why Ethereum exists:
Understanding how blockchain is changing identity management:
Off-Chain Data Storage: Ethereum and IPFS(technical):
Three ground-breaking projects on Ethereum blockchain:
Blockchain governance:

Interesting projects A project that aims to provide decentralized professional data exchange using Ethereum. A secure way to surf the internet. It is an open identity standard on the ethereum blockchain.
Vevue project: It aims to bring Google Street View to life.
KYC-Chain: Know Your Customer program with identification built-in.