Ethereum Education: New User

Welcome! You’ve made it here, so you are off to a good start.

You are already ahead of 99% of people just by being here early and participating in this revolutionary technology.
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“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Voltaire

WARNING: When using and storing cryptocurrency, you are in effect are becoming your own bank.It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your funds. There is no one to help you if you lose your passwords, make a mistake, get hacked, etc.

Below you will find many of the resources you need to safely and securely interact with the Ethereum Blockchain. This curated list has no paid listings, simply links to some essential, foundational tools and resources.

Ethereum & Blockchain Basics:

Introductory Videos:

Cryptocurrency Directories

Websites for getting an overview of cryptocurrency valuation markets. Some of the most important information to know when investing in a cryptocurrency is market cap (total coins in circulation compared to current price), price (in a fiat currency like USD and a major crypto like BTC or ETH), volume (fiat value of currency traded in a day), supply (circulating supply of a coin), social media buzz, and what exchanges it trades on.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are four types of trading exchanges; broker exchanges, decentralized exchanges (DEX) and P2P exchanges.

Broker Exchanges – A broker exchange is one that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies exchanging your fiat currency (dollars, euro, yen) for cryptocurrency or sell your cryptocurrency back for fiat. This is the best cryptocurrency exchange type for beginners.

Popular Broker Exchanges in the US:

It’s a Big World! – Directory of exchanges by country/region:


Decentralized Exchanges – DEX’s allow you to trade cryptocurrencies with other people through the blockchain directly. Unlike a centralized exchange, there is no central authority (middleman) or main server required to make a transaction.

Popular DEX’s:

P2P Exchanges – P2P (peer-to-peer) exchanges allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrency without ID verification. You can even buy or sell crypto with fiat or cash. These are for experienced users.

Popular P2P Exchanges:


Wallets are used to store (access) your Ethereum/Ether coins. Actually, your coins always remain on the blockchain. Wallets simply show what coins you control on the blockchain. Only buy hardware wallets directly from the manufacturer!
There are 4 types of wallets:

Desktop Wallets:

Web Wallets:

Mobile Ethereum Wallets:

Hardware Wallets:

Ethereum Blockchain Explorers:

A Block Explorer is basically a search engine that allows users to easily lookup, confirm and validate transactions that have taken place on the Ethereum Blockchain. For example. You can see your ether and other token balances and transactions simply by copy and pasting your public wallet address into the explorer. It’s super cool and useful!

Misc. Useful Tools & Links:

Real-time ETH gas prices, transaction confirmation times, and miner policies on the Ethereum network.